A Look at the World’s Biggest Online Gambling Wins

Gamblers dream of winning big when playing casino games, and some have actually realized this dream. In this article, we take a look at some of the world’s biggest online gambling wins.

Archie Karas was a Greek immigrant who won $40 Million while playing poker games in Las Vegas – only to lose it quickly thereafter.

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer was an incredible fortune. As the heir of his father’s newspaper empire, which he expanded further into a multi-media monopoly. Additionally, Kerry was known to wager enormous sums at casinos across the world with gambling debts so high that even their owners shuddered in fear.

He was an avid blackjack player, winning over $25 million at MGM Grand in one night – making him the richest gambler ever! To top it all off, he paid off the mortgage of his dealer while lavishly tipping him.

No surprise then that he excelled at blackjack; his bet sizes were enormous – bigger even than those of Phil Ivey! In one session of baccarat alone he once bet the equivalent of a small country’s annual budget! That is something few other people can boast of doing! Additionally he was known to chain smoke extensively while also avidly following both polo and cricket.

Archi Karas

Many gamblers visit Las Vegas hoping to strike it rich, yet the chances of actually doing so are extremely slim. To achieve success at gambling in Las Vegas you need a significant sum of cash at hand and be willing to place high stakes.

Anargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis, better known by his nickname Archie Karas, became one of the biggest hot streak winners ever with just $50 starting out and turning into $40 Million in winnings over two years.

Karas quickly moved on from dominating poker tables and into dice tables, where he made even more money. Unfortunately, his reckless disregard for money eventually caught up with him as he was accused of marking blackjack cards at casinos across California and Nevada – leading him to being arrested and fined heavily.

John Tippin

Online gambling provides players with an opportunity to test their luck and become millionaires – though most gamblers would likely settle for small wins, a few people have made history and won massive casino jackpots. Here is a look back at some of these huge casino jackpot winners.

John Tippin is the man responsible for winning an incredible $15 Million overnight while playing blackjack in Las Vegas. Additionally, John boasts an enormous social media following where he frequently shares slot game and sports betting updates.

One remarkable winner from the UK was a man who won an astounding $19.9 million playing Mega Moolah slot machine in 2017. This win marked both mobile jackpot payout history as well as one of the greatest casino wins ever seen in human history – making this story must-watch entertainment for anyone interested in slots gaming!

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley started out his career as a squash coach before creating Sports Direct chain of high street sporting goods stores and owning Newcastle United soccer club until 2021. Through this venture he amassed great wealth while becoming known for his ruthless business practices; once slapping a worker in the face and vomiting into a fireplace during management meetings.

In 2021, he decided to try his luck at online casino. He picked Casino Land and Mega Moolah without knowing his casual gaming would lead to one of the greatest slot wins ever: an estimated $7.4 million payout over just 25 minutes – one of the world’s largest ever jackpot wins ever! Using this winnings he plans on investing it back into family, business and buying a house and luxury cars with this windfall money.

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