An indispensable guide to slots jargon

When you’re first getting into online casino play, you have one main end goal – to win a bit of money and beat the casino. It’s why we play casino games, really. We wouldn’t really be that interested in slots if it weren’t for the fact that they could end up making us some cash, and it’s not controversial to say that. When people show up to seeking to check out the best casinos around, their main priorities include finding the casino that will give them the best deal.

If you want to be successful on slots, it will certainly help if you know what you are talking about, and particularly that you know what the casino is talking about. And as with any game, there is a certain amount of jargon which, for beginners, can seem a little confusing to begin with. We’re not talking here about terms like “Autoplay” which is pretty self-explanatory, or ”Jackpot”, which is in general everyday usage anyway. The terms below are specific to slots, and are ones which you’ll see pop up in reviews and articles about these games, and it will help you to know what they mean.


A scatter symbol is a special tile that falls into place on the reels and has a particular function depending on the game it is in and the symbol that falls. It can act as a trigger for a bonus game, or potentially be a multiplier for any winning combination. Usually there will be multiple scatters in a game, and they will ascend in value from low to high.


A wild symbol can land on the reels and adopt any identity that will make a win more likely. If you get some of the tiles needed for a win, and a wild falls into place, then it will take the shape of the additional tile you need to score that win. The game rules will tell you what the Wilds are in a particular game and will explain how it functions within that game.

Select lines

Most games will offer you the chance to select a specific number of lines that will be “active” on any spin. These lines are also known as “paylines”, and the more of them you have active, the more ways the casino will read the result of each spin. If you have one line active, then all the tiles will need to fall in a straight line combination for you to win, but other lines may take different shapes and as a result, there are more ways to win. The more lines you activate, the more will be taken from your balance as a bet.


You’ll be offered the chance to see the paytable when you first enter a slots game, and it will show you what the potential winning amounts are for possible combinations, depending on how much you bet. This helps you to know which symbols are particularly valuable and beneficial, and therefore which ones you should hold if given the opportunity.


Finally, a cascade occurs when you hit a winning line on the reels, and the winning symbols disappear and make others fall into place. These can then trigger other winning lines, meaning that you win multiple times in one spin.

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