How To Play Texas Hold’em Poker Like A Pro

Online Poker is booming, and many are discovering for the very first time incredible opportunities to make money and have fun while doing so.

For those playing online Poker for the first time, Texas Hold’em Poker is a great starting point. This is a variety of Poker that is easy to learn, and reasonably easy to master too.

Below is our best guide for learning to play Texas Hold’em Poker like the pros.

Know How To Value Your Hand

Poker players are often heard referring to “good” and “bad” hands. But many beginners struggle to understand the value of the hand.

While there’s no easy answer to the question of what exactly makes a good hand, in time, it does become easier to “read” good value.

For a start, it is important to know that your position at the table has as big an influence on the outcome of a game as the actual cards you’re holding. For example, if you’re dealt a K4 unsuited, you’ll be worse off in a crowded game than with just a few players at the table. Even if you happen to hit a King on the flop, if there’s enough people in the hand there’s a reasonable chance someone will have you beat – especially if there’s an Ace on the flop.

But with this having been said, once the tournament boils down to two or three people, a K4 suddenly becomes pretty strong value in hand.

From this we can see that the measure of a good hand is very much situational, i.e., depending on the progression of a game. Or in other words, what’s bad in one specific situation may be very good in another. The trick is to claim your online casino sign up bonus, keep playing and learning how to read the situation for every hand.

Understanding Position

Understanding position is important when trying to determine value. For example, a nine-person table can very quickly become smaller once people begin to fold before the flop.

For this reason, betting first, after the flop, can bring with it a lot of value and power. This is why it’s important to make a calculated risk depending on what is transpiring around the table.

Be A Smart Bluffer

Many people make the mistake of understanding a bluff to mean going all-in with a terrible hand of cards.

But bluffing smart means something else entirely. To bluff in an intelligent manner means understanding how to make a calculated bet. For example, even if someone happens to be playing bluff with a great hand of cards, it might still be worth putting down a larger wager to see if you can manage to scare them into folding.

Mostly, you’ll either win such a hand, or someone will call, and you’ll get to see the turn. In such an instance, the situation could very well improve your own hand. Ultimately, the trick to smart bluffing is to create a situation of confusion in the mind of your opponent. This will allow you to take their money more often than not.

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