The Influence of Casino Advertising and Marketing

Mr Whittingdale was asked by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on gambling-related harm if his government had considered evidence that gambling advertising and marketing encourage problem gambling. In his written answer dated June 2021 he referenced Professor Binde’s 2014 critical review of gambling marketing as evidence.

Direct advertising has a powerful link with gambling involvement impacts, while those with greater gambling risks/problems experience increased exposure to this form of marketing.

They are a form of gambling

Gambling can provide people with a source of entertainment by encouraging risk taking in a controlled environment while teaching money management skills and encouraging social interactions among players. Gambling addiction has been linked to other mental health conditions, including psychotic disorders. On the positive side, casinos provide employment opportunities for hosts, hostesses, dealers, software developers/designers/pit bosses etc. which also has positive economic benefits.

Gambling revenue offers governments another source of taxation revenue. When conducted within a regulated market, governments can collect taxes from gambling operations and redistribute the profits to improve infrastructure, social services and education. Casinos have some negative side effects as well, including increased competition with retail businesses and reduced local employment; they may also cause social inequality by encouraging households to spend more of their income gambling [76]. In addition, studies have demonstrated financial harms more commonly occuring in low socioeconomic groups – though causal relationships between gambling and poverty might not always be evident;

They are a form of entertainment

Theme parties, celebrity performances, and charity events are popular casino marketing strategies used to drive new business. Not only can these events help casinos establish brand recognition and loyalty among consumers; but they can also serve as a great opportunity to connect more directly with consumers at an individual level – which are especially essential in today’s market of travel and tourism recovery.

Casino marketing should go beyond simply promoting slot machines and table games; it should also promote non-gambling activities, food, beverage options and event space to give their brand an edge in terms of differentiated positioning against rival brands while reaching more people and building trust with consumers.

Gambling advertising is pervasive and frequently witnessed; six in 10 Americans reported seeing gambling-related advertisements or sponsorships within the past week. A deeper understanding of how different forms of gambling advertising affect likelihood of involvement must be gained, including age and sourcing habits considerations. Furthermore, additional research on its effect on children, young people and those suffering with gambling problems as well as policy and regulation efforts would go a long way to mitigating harm caused by gambling-related ads must also take place to inform policy and regulation effectively in order to reduce gambling-related harm and mitigate its adverse outcomes.

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